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seeking specimens

I’m looking for specimens that in some way speak to the edges of our knowledge. This is open to interpretation. For example, a Venus’s flower basket sea sponge might nod to the vast number of uncatalogued species. Or this sponge's elegant light-guiding spicules could point out that that humans lag behind these "simple" creatures when it comes to making robust fiber-optic materials. I’m interested in both natural and human-fabricated samples, whether they be produced in a laboratory, workshop, or kitchen.

This project will ultimately result in a series of paintings that draw upon the rich tradition of seventeenth-century Northern still-life painting. Like these painters’ work, my paintings will depict subjects that are natural and crafted, exotic and mundane, and which in someway hearken to the unknown. In the case of the Northern school painters, the limits of the known world were delineated by shipping expeditions; in my case, they have more to do with scale and with the limits of scientific understanding.

If you have a sample you’d like to share with me, please drop me line.